Monday, March 9, 2009

Skinhead Convention

So, my beautiful, funny, warm, loving, amazing mom has cancer. She has been going through radiation for a little bit and is about to start her chemo. At the end of radiation, she lost her hair. So we, her very rowdy bunch, wanted to try to show her just how much she means to us (even though that would be physically impossible), and decided to lop off our locks right along with her.

It started out just as a dad thing. He was not going to let my mom do this by herself. He is totally smitten and would absolutely do ANYTHING to make my mom feel better about all of this. My bro Brandon (Mr. AC/DC) was next, and he bic'ed his head down to the scalp. Then, bro-in-law Scott (with the goatee) got in on the act. But, the ladies in our family have never been outdone by the men. Never. So, we joined in. I went first (in the white), and my sis Tracy (in the blue) brought up the rear. Once the hair was flying, even the kids got involved!! Abigail, Harrison, and cute Isaac brought the total up to 8 baldies, and 1 super short new 'do.

I was so proud of my guys. They were completely involved in this exciting show of support for Grandma. Leah had cut her own hair just recently (she was so proud), so the only thing she was able to add were some hats. But, Abigail and Harrison went all out for the very best Grandma in the world.



Harrison was excited to be one of the guys. But, it was my sweet, sweet Abigail who really stole the show. My amazing Abigail, who has never had a "real" haircut (just trims from mom on the bottom) decided to cut off over 10 inches to donate her hair to Locks of Love in Grandma's name. She was so excited to be able to help out another little girl. I was so, so proud of my brave, supportive, wonderful kids.

But, that's my amazing mom for you. She brings out the best in everyone. She just radiates so much love and happiness, that there isn't anything we wouldn't do for her. Her smile is so infectious, and her laugh is wonderfully contagious. We would stop at nothing to make her feel better and keep those things right at the surface. Even cut off our hair and look like a we run a crazy skinhead circus. WHATEVER it takes, mom. It's all so, SO worth it. We love you bunches.


  1. Robyn, I don't even know what to say. You are all so amazing!!! That is just so neat for you to do that. What a wonderful way to bring your family together. It made me cry... You are all wonderful!!!!