Monday, August 24, 2009

Idle Hands and Quiet Children

Here's an update for you, Bo. Happy?

As Leah, Hudson and I have been spending more time together we have also been draining the house of all sugar filled beverages. This meant a parched trip to the lovely Smith's down the street to refill our pantry. We bought 2 different colors of Kool-Aid (which is never chosen by the flavor - only the color), 3 tubes of 5 calorie Crystal Lites for mom, and a giant container of powdered pink lemonade. I thought this would last us for at least a day or two.

Later that day, while clicking Hudson's fingers (a task I find myself doing about every 7 hours lately) I noticed how quiet it was in the house. This always presents two choices. Do I

a: go and find out what is going on to make the house become so quiet, or

b: enjoy the quiet for a few more minutes and then later deal with the inevitable mess that was being concocted during the quiet?

I decide to finish up with Hudson's mani/peti and let the quiet continue for a few more minutes.

You know the results, don't you?

I wander into the kitchen and find that Leah has emptied almost the entire contents of the days grocery store purchase into 1 pitcher (I managed to get to her before she opened up the lemonade). She has then added about 8 inches of water and is trying to stir together her brew. There is powder and dust everywhere. All of this happened in the time it took to trim Hudson's surprisingly cooperative nails. A new world record!!!

I take Leah and Hudson and put them in the tub while I try clean up the most fun mess we have made in the kitchen so far. It is days after and still when I am wiping something up off the floor, the washcloth turns red.

Do you think it ends there? Aren't you so funny. While Leah and Hudson are in the tub, I notice that it is very quiet in there as well. This time, I know better than to just let it go. I drop the mop and go to see what is going on in the bathroom. That is where the smell of an ENTIRE box of bath beads hits me in the face. I see that the two smallest monkeys are bathing in what has to be the consistency of jell-o, since Leah has poured all 24 oz. (or 1 1/2 pounds) of her bath salts into her now hot pink water.

This earned our non-napper Leah a much needed late afternoon nap. Much needed for her, and much needed for mom.

If anyone is thirsty, our fridge is now stocked with 3 pitchers, 2 emptied out 2 liter Fresca bottles, and a big mixing bowl of "Leah's Fruit Punch Surprise". We'd love to share.

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