Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Duck Pond

I will venture out to Provo every now and then for only 2 reasons: the Bean Museum, and the duck pond. Oh, and a birthday dinner every now and then at the Brick Oven. I guess that makes 3 reasons. And on a day when the school is closed because it almost burned down (it was so close, darn it), and we are tired of just waiting to be evacuated, we decided that a picnic at the good old duck pond is a perfect reason to make the drive.

A picnic! Hooray! We are so excited!

At a park named after Harrison. Awesome, man. Rock on.

We climb trees to see the ducks from above...

... and keep our eyes on them from the path.

We have our trusty baby be the keeper of the picnic blanket. He can do that while sucking his thumb at the same time. I know. We have a genious on our hands.

Now, this duck pond runs a very distant second place to aunt Karen's back-duck-yard. But, to try to make up for the lack of Karen, this duck pond has the as-many-turtles-as-you-can-fit-on-a-log log.

And duck bums!

And more duck bums!

The End.


  1. Were you evacuated? Paul and Tiff were! We'll have lots to talk about at the luncheon!

  2. Darling children. Baby is growing so fast!

  3. Too Cute! Ducks and Turtles! What could be better than that?!