Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas night at Grandma Barbara's

After braving the 18"+ of snow that had fallen all night Christmas Eve and all Christmas day, we made it to Grandma Barbara's. All the Swedish Christmas foods were there. Abigail loves the salmon and herring. Harrison will only eat the meatballs. But, Leah was brave and had some of the herring, which she liked if we covered it in sour cream. After dinner we had presents. Abigail opened a new case for her CDs along with a new CD of princess music, and two webkinz dogs. Harrison got a nerf gun and a bunch of Ben 10 toys. Leah was so excited to get Hello Kitty makeup, a cute new shirt, and notepad to write in. Hudson's cousins helped him open up a truck that shakes when you pull its tow line and new clothes. The drive home was completely treacherous, and I asked John-Erik to pull over at least 10 times. But, thankfully, we made it almost home before getting stuck in the snow. We just had to turn onto our street, but that is where the snow was just too much for us. We got stuck and had to take a few passes before we were able to slide into the driveway that John-Erik had shoveled two times already that day (but you couldn't tell because it continued to snow after he did). All in all, it was a really good day, aside from it being a white Christmas. People who like snow on Christmas are crazy and should be put away.


  1. I am so JEALOUS! I tried to implement one Swedish tradition this year...julgröt...but Bekah wouldn't even try it, Elisabeth barely tried it and said she hated it, and Roy said it was "pretty good" or "not bad". Oh well, I guess I get the almond and all the luck for the new year! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I need to post about our Christmas one of these days.

  2. What a great Christmas you have had! Swedish dishes, close family and lots of snow! Is your back hurting, Johnta?

    Thank you sooo much for your Christmas card. What a lovely photo of your children. It's lot of fun to read about your family and to watch the pics on the blog.

    In Sweden we haven't had much snow but still a nice Chrstmas with lots of food. Kristina and I spent the Christmas Eve at our house (the fist one after the renovation). We are expecting our first-borned in february and are really looking forward to next year!!

    We wish you A Happy New Year!
    Love Per & Kristina

    Ps, The postal address is Halmbyboda 6, Ds