Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bigger and Bigger

Things are moving along around here, as much as I try to stop them. It seemed overnight that all the kids had jumped into the next level of kid-dom. I don't like new levels of kid-dom. I like baby-dom much more.

Hudson decided to start walking around all the time. He will only do it if he is already standing up, since he hasn't figured out the standing himself up part. Details, details. He would rather be walking all the time, though. He is trying to give up the crawl. If he is down on the floor and trying to keep up with you, he will not crawl or try and get up. He will just walk on his knees, crying and pleading with you to just stand him up so that he can keep up.

Leah has began eliminating the Leah-ese from our house. One morning, she and I were lying in bed talking about the what's and when's of the day. She said to me "what are we having for LLLLLunch?" This took me quite by surprise. I said "for what?" And she said "for LLLLunch". As of the night before, she had never had lunch in her entire life. She had only partaken of "Yunch". Along with that, her name was "Yeah", Papa's motorcycle was "Youd", which she did not "Yike". But suddenly, that morning, she had grown out of it. It had vanished into the atmosphere. She also lost her FFF sound that she used for the TH sound. Example; "toof" is now "tooTH" with a very capital TH. She now goes to the baTHroom to brush her teeTH. I miss the bafroom and her teef. No matter how I try to convince her that she only has teef in her mouf, she now knows the truTH.

Harrison also reached a milestone, speaking of teeth. He lost his first one. It was just the day before that I was admiring his cute little baby teeth, and was so glad that they were all still in there tight. (I have got to stop noticing the little things about the kids. Apparently, when I do, it is for the last time). We were having a "hot baked sandwich" at Costco when Harrison complained that he couldn't eat it because his tooth hurt. I asked him to open up and, to my surprise, inside was lurking a new grown up tooth right behind his little baby tooth. He looked like a shark with rows of teeth. He was very excited to hear that, but I was not.

Abigail came home with an awesome report card yesterday. She is so funny because she still doesn't really know what a good grade is. They don't do A's and B's in our district. It is a scale of 4 to 1 (4 being the A). So, she showed it to me with some trepidation. It was spankin', really. Her average on assignments was 100.0%. I'm sorry, I just have to brag. You know you'd totally do the same. Don't judge.

It just keeps going and going, doesn't it? I think that all of my emotions as a mom can be summed up as bittersweet. Or sweetly bitter. I am so proud of all of them, and love seeing them try new things and grow, but I just wish it would happen in s l o w m o t i o n.

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  1. They may out grow the cutisms, but you'll never forget. Now you know how old my kids are and I still remember (and remind) that Julie used to say Bisghetti, Bisangna or Mazinnaise. Cindy was like Leah and had letters mixed up. She hurt her Thinger, but was Firsty and she dropped her S's and L's all together - Once there was a 'nowman, 'nowman, 'nowman ta, ta, ta - in the sun he metted, 'ma, 'ma, 'ma ... They out grew (but I didn't) Cherish and remember!