Monday, February 28, 2011

Give me an A! Give me a B! Give me an I! Oh, you get the idea.

Abigail came running home from school the first day back after being off track for a month. She was waiving a paper wildly in her hands. It was for a cheer camp up at BYU (down at BYU?) for that weekend, and she really wanted to do it. No, no. She HAD to do it. It was 2 days worth of cheer camping, with the culmination being participating in a dance WITH THE BYU CHEERLEADERS during the basketball game. I mean DURING THE BASKETBALL GAME! Can you even imagine?!?

I know. I know. I get it. She's cheering for the wrong team. Seriously. But, I lost that battle a long time ago when she and her dad would go to the football games together. It's their thing. And as much as I would love it if she were a staunch Utah fan, I love that she loves her dad and gets to have that connection with him. Love it. Besides, who can argue with the all caps and exclamation points she has in excitement for the cougs? I mean, it was THE GREATEST DAY OF HER LIFE!

At the gym during the camp.

Getting ready for the big show.

In the tunnel waiting for her cue. Where's Abigail?

And she's on!

That head in the way is the President of BYU, Cecil Samuelsen. I just have to mention that he graduated from the University of Utah. That's where BYU goes shopping for the really good candidates. You know. Just sayin'.

This head in the way just so happens to be Russel M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. You bet we snuck down into the really, REALLY good seats to get a glimpse of our girl.

It will never matter what team she cheers for. I'm always just going to be the biggest fan of Abigail's. I mean, look at this face. I was so proud for her to be a Cougar that day, my heart almost burst out of my chest. Rise and shout for sure.


  1. Way to go Abigail! Even though I have a hard time cheering for BYU, I can always cheer for you!
    Great job!!
    Love you!

  2. My goodness - she's growing up into such a beautiful young lady! Great job on the cheering!