Friday, February 27, 2009

Here We Go Again

After tickling the kids mercilessly this morning until they BEGGED me to let them get out of bed and get ready for school, I started opening the blinds in the house to let the wonderful sunshine in. And that's when it happened. I said a bad word (well, not really. But it does make this story more dramatic, doesn't it?). There was snow. Everywhere. More and more of that yucky white stuff that I despise. Even Abigail was not happy about it, and she is one of those crazies that like snow.

There was not supposed to be snow today!!! Where are the weather people?!? I want some answers!! I was expecting warm sunshine today. Short sleeves and riding bikes. Instead, I am accosted by this mess. Even the cookies that I had to put on the back porch because I burned them so badly last night are covered.

It was just yesterday that I was thinking about bringing in our little snowman from the flower beds because he was going to melt. But, it is still February, after all. I guess he still has a few more days to enjoy the outside. But, as of Harrison's birthday on Sunday, Mr. Snowman will have worn out his welcome.

We do have some hope of getting out of this rut. Every few days we are lucky enough to have a glimpse of the summer to come. On those days, we celebrate by wearing our dress up clothes outside, leaving the snaps to our pants undone, and having ice cream picnics in the front yard.

It will come. I know it will. The snow will melt and we will have summer. The bad times never last, and after we have made it through them we can really, REALLY enjoy the good. I can take the snow for a little bit longer. It will just make the summer that much sweeter.
It makes me think of you, mom. We just have to get through this last snowstorm, and then we will have many, many, many more wonderful summers together. Filled with ice cream picnics on your back porch, walks to get the mail, and watching hummingbirds from the kitchen windows. I can't wait.

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  1. I bought a pool at Costco and 3 summer outfits for Austin the other day hoping it would bring summer closer...nope! My poor tulips are covered in snow!