Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Lean In

Everytime I need to carry Hudson anywhere (for a diaper change, to get in his high chair, etc) my lips are glued to his chubby cherub cheeks. I slobber all over him all the way down the hall. Sometimes the response is not so favorable. I get a grumpy fuss and the push away. But today was my favorite reaction. The lean in. I kiss, kiss, kiss and then pull away. He grins and leans those delectable, chewable cheeks right back to me for more. And repeat, and repeat. These are the times that I beg myself to burn into my brain, so that I can always remeber what he is like when so little and loving. When mommy is funny and magically knows everything, and her kisses are not just endured, but actually searched out and leaned into.

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