Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grandma Had a Heart Attack!!!

Our grandma had been gone for a little bit, and the kids were missing her terribly. When she came home they decided it would be fun to give her a heart attack to welcome her back.

So we broke out all the craft junk and got to work. These kids have mad crafting skills. They had a purpose. They were driven. They weren't going to stop until they collapsed. We lost count of all the hearts we made, but Harrison was convinced that it was over 100,000.

This is one of my favorites. It's a picture of Harrison holding Grandma's hand. He even drew her glasses.

The next morning, after a proper cleanup from the fire department, a HAZMAT team, and the Board of Health, we headed out to Grandma's and Papa's. They were out running some errands and had no idea what we were up to (insert an evil laugh here).

Thank heavens the weather cooperated with us, right? But, the heart attack was not completely covered by the snow before Grandma could see it, which was good. The snow did not last and had melted the next morning. So, all in the neighborhood were able to see how our Grandma is WAY better than anybody else's Grandma. Too bad that we are completely incapable of making enough hearts to show Grandma how much we love her. There isn't enough craft junk in the world to do that.
We love you Grandma. More than we could ever say.

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