Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Abigail and Grandma and Papa

Lucky little Abigail has been spoooooiiiiillled by Grandma and Papa lately. She has wanted to do a secret "project" that involved grandma (more about that another time), and so my mom has had a cute little shadow in the shape of Abigail for a few activities. First, Abigail was lucky enough to accompany Grandma to a treatment at the Huntsman one Saturday morning. While my mom was being infused, Abigail was taught the fine art of counted cross stitch. I remember being taught the fine art of counted cross stitch when I was about her age, too. Abigail and I both had the most wonderful teacher. We are both so blessed.

Next, my munchkin asked Grandma if she would teach her how to make jam. She had to ask grandma since this activity usually involves a stove, and so as a rule does not involve me. I have lost touch with stoves and ovens more and more with every baby that comes into our family. We currently barely even exchange Christmas cards. If you could just reheat jam in the microwave, then Abigail would have asked mom to teach her, but since there definitely is a stove involved, Grandma was just the right teacher.

The plan was that I was going to just drop Abigail off and then leave. I ran in to do some paperwork which ended up taking the same amount of time as the jam. This did not meet Abigail's approval. Oh, well. It was just the two of them jamming, and we ended up with 9 jars of strawberry jam for our house, and NOT ONE JAR left for Papa, which made our jam that much sweeter.

Next, Abigail was able to take Grandpa for 9 holes one Saturday afternoon. You would think that Papa would have taken Abigail, but with the way she spanked him on the course, it was absolutely Abigail who took Papa. She had a blast and can't wait for another go. Maybe this time she will drive the cart? Look out, Stonebridge. I think she and Papa have a few secrets from that trip, since every time we drive by Abigail looks at all the geese on the green and gets a devilish grin on her face. I wonder what she and Papa did to those geese. I guess that's a mystery that was left on the fairways of Stonebridge, and between just Abigail and Papa.

She is a lucky, lucky sweet little girl.

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  1. Yes, she is! She has a beautiful grandma and a beautiful mom! Grandpa and dad aren't bad, either! ;)