Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Hole

We have about a bajillion rules 'round these parts of the woods here. With more and more coming every day. It seems as if the ones we have aren't specific enough for some short people. You know, like "don't color on the walls" doesn't also specifically say to not color on the doors as well. So then a rule has to be made to not color on the walls AS WELL AS the doors, baseboards, window sills, etc. That sort of thing. So when I hadn't made a specific rule that said "You may not go outside without asking, and then go scootering across the street, while wearing your dress up clothes" it was a shock to one monkey that such a thing wasn't allowed. And then resulted in an unforeseen injury. Unforeseen, you know, because I hadn't specifically made the rule and then warned of the specific consequences of breaking that specific rule.

What in the world is she talking about, you are wondering to yourselves? I'll tell you. Leah had been playing downstairs in the playroom dressing up. She was Gabriella from High School Musical in all her prom dress glory when she decided on a whim to go outside and ride her brother's scooter. She scooted right across the street, and then was going back and forth in front of our across the street neighbor's houses. Harrison then reported that her dress got caught in the wheels of the scooter and she managed quite the awesome crash. He came inside to report that "Leah crashed and is crying". When I walked outside I heard the screams of "There's a HOLE in my leg!" Turns out the scooter managed to jam into her thigh and then take a chunk of it back out with it. It was gruesome at best. Our insurance has a nurse hotline that we called and they told us that you can't stitch a wound that has a chunk missing from it. We couldn't even manage to squeeze it together ourselves. Besides, can you see Leah having stitches? She would have an aneurism. Her head would literally burst in the freak out that would happen. So we just bandaged it up with antibiotic ointment, gauze and an ace bandage, and she hobbled around on it for a few days. It's going to be a dandy of a scar.

The best part of this story is what you would hear if you were visiting us for a few days after the incident. These are a few of my favorites:

"Hudson just bonked my hole!".
"My hole hurts."
"The band-aid on my hole is coming off."
"I just hit my hole on the chair."
"Hey! My hole looks better today!"

Nice, right? More to add to our book of kid-isms. And now we also have a few more rules to add to the rule book, as well. By the time these kids reach adulthood (if they do) that book is going to be as big as the house. We'll have to build a garage to contain it. With the rule to not play in there. In the rule book garage. Even with a friend. Or sibling. And even if your ball goes in there. And even if....

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  1. And that's the "Hole" truth and nothing but the truth!